PETER GALLICCHIO, a 28 year industry veteran, recognized a void in the marketplace, and formed REMCO, an acronym for Real Estate and Management Company, to answer the call for a local firm that could provide a platform of services to retailers and owners of shopping centers in Central New Jersey. When it comes to specializing in retail real estate, most of those service providers were located in Northern and Southern New Jersey, New York, or in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


We opened our doors in February of 2008 in a very robust real estate market. Consumer demand was off the charts, and the economy was thriving. We had great expectations for success. Suddenly, six months later the banks stopped lending. The economy tanked and the real estate market fell flat. We evaluated our options and made the decision to stay the course and forge ahead, while competitors either closed their operations or merged with other firms.


That decision, or what most would refer to as a “gamble”, paid off as Remco continues to increase its transaction volume, market share, and gross commissions earned year after year.What started out as a local company has grown beyond just concentrating its efforts in a central geographic area, as we have recently reached across the Delaware River by securing our Brokers License in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Our hard work ethic and commitment to providing the highest level of accountability to our clients has been rewarded, as Landlords and Retailers employ our services on a repeat basis, throughout multiple markets. We have completed transactions with such well-known companies as; Dollar Tree, Popeye’s  Chicken, KFC, Napa Auto Parts, Straus Auto, Enterprise Car Rental, Ciro Pizza Café, Aamco Transmissions, Dunkin Donuts, and multiple locations with Sherwin Williams.


Remco is in an expansion mode, and has recently doubled the size of our offices. We are actively seeking full time agents who are licensed in New Jersey & Pennsylvania to join our team in order to increase market share, and to support our ever growing list of representation assignments.